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Major Climate Crisis Categories

Bioregions, Water, Air, Earth (soil), Government Projects, City Projects, Food, Agriculture, Environmental Technologies, Construction, Sustainability Communities, Transportation, Energy, Innovatons & Solutions, Indigenous, Legal, Waste, Economy, Land Use, Species Dieoff.

These are some of the major categories.Suggestions Or Ideas For Categories. If anyone would like to add to the categories and subcategories, please do. Please leave your name and email address.

This is big and we need help right now. It may amount to a waste of time if this website doesn't become known to the world (we will do everything humanly possible to make it so) and if the majority of projects are not listed, not only listed, but filled dynamically with content, videos, data, and photos with timely updates. Please step up now, and do your part to save humanity, nothing is guaranteed, but if we can unite and know what is going on, we may have a chance. Each volunteer can take a category and fill it in as much as possible. It is a great way to learn a lot.

MediaWiki Basic tutorial Actually, it is very easy to do.

Choose a major category that has not been filled and select at the top, edit.

Your first subcategory needs ==subcategory==, and subcategories under that would be ===sub,subcategory===, and so on. and at the end preview, write a brief summary, your name and email, and click save.

Contact Us at mofwoofoo@gmail.com, or here on the Project Tracking Wiki, because we need to coordinate this effort and time is rolling by really fast.